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Paying You Sucks

If you've recently checked your mailbox hoping to find a check from a client, I have news for you.The check isn't in the mail and your clients don't like paying you.

Not paying you per se, but the process of paying you. It's 2022 and your clients haven't written a check since 2012, they don't have envelopes, and stamps are now collector items, not something real people use to do business.

Clients looking for their check book in 2022

Would you buy as much from Amazon if you had to mail them a check every time? Doubtful. I know I'd switch to a store that didn't make it such a hassle to give them money. It's the era of convenience over everything.

Thankfully accepting credit cards is easier than ever.

It's time you take a few minutes to setup credit card payments, and make it easy for your clients to pay you. If you're worried about the credit card fees, raise your prices. I would rather pay 3% more and not have to write a check.

Your clients feel the same.